Meet our Team of Successful Sales Consultants.

We believe in a 'Less me and more we' approach

Tommy’s Team Value

What hasn’t changed – and is the real reason for Tommy’s becoming Wellington’s most recognised, trusted and successful real estate brand – is our attentive client contact and recognising that success is linked to the collective ability of our sales team.

Team Work

We work as a team and sell as a team. Our sales team are required to visit all new property listings and are encouraged to collaborate and share information with each other to ensure for a quick, strong sales result.


Integrity is everything – ethical practices, teamwork and the standards we keep.

Trust and Honesty

Any business partnership requires trust and honesty to be successful and working with our clients is the same. Keeping regular contact with our client's is the foundation to it all.

Service Delivery

We believe that nothing is too much trouble, especially when it comes to making your experience a good one.