Here to give nature stronger lungs with Trees that count

Tommy’s is backing New Zealand’s big backyard!

We’re working with Trees That Count to mitigate parts of our carbon footprint over the next 50 years, and help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity. That’s good for our carbon footprint, and good for Aotearoa.

Biodiversity champion

By supporting native tree planting, we’re creating more habitats for our threatened wildlife and helping build ecosystems that are more resilient to threats and diseases. 

Helping Kiwis breathe easier

Native trees improve the quality of our air by removing pollutants and research shows that kiwi kids who spend more time surrounded by nature are less likely to develop asthma. Pretty awesome right?

Kaitiaki for future generations

Supporting native tree planting today will leave a legacy for future generations that we can all be proud of.

Be a biodiversity champion like Tommy’s

At Tommy’s, we believe there’s more to being green than just our branding! 

Help us help the environment!

When you buy or sell through Tommy’s City, Kapiti Office and Mana Office you are supporting Trees that Count. This means that with every property bought, sold or appraised, a native tree is planted to help the environment.

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Reducing Tommy’s carbon footprint

By supporting green initiatives, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and helping New Zealand grow strong in lots of other ways. 

Looking after our rare species

Protecting our native birds and rare species

Another initiative in the works is a partnership with Predator Free Wellington that would reuse Tommy’s fluted plastic, or corflute signs, to help track rats and species that destroy natural habitats and kill native birds. This supports the phase 2 project of Predator Free Wellington, Island Bay to CBD eradication.

Diverting used printers/toner cartridges from landfill

Taking the lead in sustainability 

Five years ago, Tommy’s entered a partnership with FUJIFILM Business NZ (FBNZ) as their industry print partner. Through FBNZ’s industry-first Minister for the Environment accredited product stewardship scheme, Tommy’s has diverted over 100 kilograms of Tommy’s waste toner cartridges from landfill. As one of FBNZ’s earlier customers to adopt their recycling programme in our daily practices, Tommy’s has demonstrated leadership and enthusiasm in supporting a circular economy. 

Powering our office with renewable energy

Powering up with Meridian Energy 

We’re proud to be Meridian Energy customers, New Zealand’s largest 100% renewable energy generator who are committed to only generating electricity from wind, water and sun.

Greener together with wellingtonians

Reducing single-use plastic bags

Prior to the ban on plastic shopping bags, Tommy’s gave away more than 35,000 heavy-duty, reusable, shopping bags in an effort to help reduce the use of non-reusable plastic bags in Wellington. You can regularly spot Wellingtonians carrying these around the city.

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