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Think about the following: 1) You are unlikely to achieve competition between a number of buyers vying to buy your house. By using an agency there is more chance of achieving a premium over and above the commission with the competition. It is difficult to negotiate a sale that involves your property. Buyers are usually uncomfortable dealing directly with owners and you are also unlikely to place advertising in the full range of media that an agency uses and capture all potentials buyers.
Offers that are presented to you by your Tommy's agent will normally be on the standard Agreement for Sale and Purchase form as approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and the Auckland District Law Society. Section 6.0 of this document is dedicated to home sellers' warranties and undertakings or, in layman's terms, details of disclosures that a home seller is obliged to make when selling their home. This section covers items such as building permits, code compliance certificates, details of any arrears in rates or other charges against the property, a declaration that chattels passing with the sale are unencumbered and a multitude of other items.
It is possible to use internet advertising only. We also often find buyers for properties with little or no advertising. In general, we advise clients to advertise in a range of media, so that they pick up all prospective buyers. Tommy's passes on the saving made from bulk buying in paid media. These rates are considerably less than the standard rates available to consumers.
At Tommy's we have set fee guidelines. We are prepared to discuss our rates and find a mutually rewarding way of working together. It is at the negotiating table where Tommy's agents can more than earn their fees.

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