Making a difference in our community

Thank you for helping us help Wellington Free Ambulance.

We donate time and money to a wide range of organisations and community groups. When you choose to work with Tommy’s, it enables us to make a worthwhile contribution to a number of organisations. You may not realised it, a portion of the commission is donated to a local charity, in this case, Tommy’s chose Wellington Free Ambulance. As of September 2018, Tommy’s has committed to donating $75,000 over the next year.

We chose to support Wellington Free Ambulance because it is the only free ambulance service in New Zealand. Tommy’s believe that in case of an emergency, help should be available to everyone and Wellington Free Ambulance are the ones here for you.

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Tommy’s, more GREEN than just our branding!

Tommy’s Real Estate has always been big on supporting the local communities who have supported us, now we are making a positive impact for the environment!

It is estimated New Zealanders use around 1.6 billion single-use plastic bags every year. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean! Tommy’s is giving away 35,000 heavy-duty, reusable, shopping bags over the course of 6 weeks in an effort to help free Wellington from plastic shopping bags. #GreenerTogether 

Proud supporter of GIVEN FOR YOU CHARITY 

Each year, Tommy’s Real Estate organised a Golf Day Charity event with Given For You to raise money for families who are living below the poverty line and are severely under-resourced in terms of obtaining the basic means for survival.

In 2018, over $14,000 were raised to provide unmet needs for vulnerable Wellington families and individuals. This year, we managed to raise $20,000! This money will supply swimming lessons, togs, towels and goggles to deciles one children across the Wellington Region!

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Celebrating Pride With Wellington Free  

Tommy’s is so proud to have supported our community for the last 20 years! The Wellington International Pride Parade was an amazing day, walking with Wellington Free Ambulance to show our love and support for our Wellington community!

We are so thankful to The Wellington Pride Parade for everything you did to make this event happen. Thanks to everyone who participated and came down to watch, the energy was truly awesome!