It’s that time of year again, we’ve successfully launched the Tommy’s annual Given For You Golf Day event and this year in association with Fuji Xerox and Kapura. The purpose of Golf Day is to raise money for Given for You, one of the many worthy charities that we contribute to. Given for You supports Wellington families that are living below the poverty line and are severely under-resourced in terms of obtaining the basic means for survival.

Given For You works on a variety of projects in order to offer basic necessities to these families. These bundles include swimming kits for Wellington schools to ensure every child is well equipped for swimming lessons. Included in the swim bag is a towel, goggles and chlorine-resistant togs. Additionally, they also provide personal care kits and family care packages. These are personally tailored for each family in need. The kits can contain things such as new towels and facecloths for everyone in the family. The organisation also provides birthday bags, they believe that having a special day for a child helps with self-esteem and the creation of positive early memories.

We support given for you because at Tommy’s we pride ourselves on being involved in making positive changes within the community. Supporting Given For You allows the organisation to continue helping those Wellington Families who may be struggling to meet the basic means for survival.

Last year we were able to raise an outstanding $20,000. This year we raised $33,000! What an incredible amount! We wouldn’t be able to do it without the amazing Tommy’s teams, volunteers and most importantly our sponsors!

We would like to thank, Fuji Xerox, Kapura, Home Fusion, Tommy’s Property Management, Floriditas, Fortune Favours, Dockside, Vance Vivian, Charley Noble, CheckHome, Gazley, Prefab, Spark, Hell, Prime Star, Diakrit, Red Bull, Mag and Turbo, Go Media, Strathmore Local Bar and Restaurant, Shoe Clinic, Pro Check Building Consultants, Informed House Inspections, Dave Mcleam, Sweet Georgia, Hill Crest BnB, Trademe, and The Dominion Post.

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