Recently the Tommy’s team attended the Wellington Free Ambulance Onesie Day Ambulance launch! With your help last year, Tommy’s was able to raise an additional $20,000 to close off the Onesie Day 2021 campaign. A total of $272,773 was raised from the Onesie Day campaign last year and the state of the art emergency ambulance was purchased to be used across the community. This is a one of a kind ambulance, fundraised by the community, for the community –

Wellington Free Ambulance is close to the hearts of many people across our region.  Each year they answer over 151,000 emergency 111 calls and respond to over 51,000 people needing help. They are people we know, people in our family and perhaps even us personally. As an essential health service, they receive the majority of funding from Government and ACC but have to raise around $7Million each year from community fundraising to keep the service free. 

Over the past two years Wellington Free Ambulance has seen unprecedented demand for their services as we all continue to feel the impact of the ongoing global pandemic. So now more than ever the support the community and businesses like Tommy’s is paramount to the service. 

Tommy’s association with Wellington Free Ambulance is something that we are very proud to have and to continue into the future for the benefit of everyone in our community. Wellington Free Ambulance is the only emergency ambulance service for Greater Wellington and Wairarapa and the only ambulance service in New Zealand that is free. We are very fortunate as Wellingtonians to not have to worry about our ability to pay should we need their services and as a local Wellington company, Tommy’s love to help keep it free for the benefit of all for our fellow Wellingtonians. We believe emergency first response care should be available to everyone, and no-one should be excluded because of cost.

At Tommy’s, we are big on building relationships, we believe in togetherness and helping each other out. Because we are part of the community, it’s always about building our community – we will do whatever it takes to grow our community, in a good way.

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