Ben Ryan

Sales Consultant

027 316 5343

As a young industry leader Ben is committed to achieving superior outcomes in all that he does.
Seeing success as the only option, Ben continually exceeds the expectations of his clients.

Knowing that results don’t simply occur out of thin air, Ben’s dedication to his clients is illustrated through his ability to construct exceptional outcomes through innovation, hard work, negotiation and energy.
Ben understands that trust is built on actions, and applies a duty of care to his clients second to none.

With over 10 years’ experience in the New Zealand Army, Ben displays exceptional professionalism, commitment, integrity, discipline and resilience which enable him to operate with military precision to achieve the absolute best outcome.
Operating with military precision, Ben will never accept a result unless it is the very best one available.

Ben’s pledge to his clients is “there is no single sales person in the market today that will work harder, prove stronger or move faster than me “.

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What My Clients Say

Andrew Locke

“Just a quick note to say thanks for everything.

Thanks for helping us get over the line at Constable Street / Sam, thanks for all the work in the background and answering all the questions and always replying .

Thanks for locking in the sale of Taranaki Street and for a great price .

The feedback loop from you in particular Ben regarding Taranaki St was outstanding.

Seems a long time ago since I looked at Oban and Lerwick Streets

We got there the end – thanks for all your efforts and patience .

I owe you boys a beer . “

Lee and Rob

“We spent about 8 or 9 months looking for a home in Wellington, and dealt with all of the major real estate companies. Based on our experience, Tommy’s is the most trustworthy and caring of the bunch. We’ll always be grateful to Ben for going the extra mile to get us our dream house, and wouldn’t hesitate to use you guys if we ever decide to move on in the future.”

Raymond Faulkner

“Kia ora Ben

A quick email to you to say nga mihi, thankyou for the manaaki, support you provided in the purchase of our new home at 7 Futuna Close.

Tommys Real Estate were considerate to our situation and you really understood our position when we negotiated the price. Moreover as one of the few industries that work with both buyer and seller, you were able to represent our position with the seller honestly such that we were able to reach an agreement that we were as happy as we could be. Everyone wants a bargain, but I think what we paid was fair market, and I appreciate that it was a negotiation to get the vendor to appreciate that point as well.

Mostly Ben the after sales service and the very generous gifts at sale and settlement really left an impression with my wife and I. And yes, we did use those pizza vouchers on the day of the move……great idea !!!!.

Having met you several times over the last 4 months while we were looking, each engagement has been professional and informative, and whilst it took some time to find our “final home” we did, and you helped with that Ben.

I would gladly recommend your services as a buyer and would readily seek your assistance if we need to sell based on my past experience with you Ben.

From my whanau to yours, whakamihi, congratulations on an exceptional performance in helping us move forward Ben.”

Helen and Jason

“Before we move onto other things (house hunting is all consuming so other stuff went on hold) I want to formally convey to you our feedback about the experience of having you facilitate this sale for us.

You and Sam were fast and friendly in getting us an opportunity to look at 144 Hataitai Rd. Your comms were quick and your updates were clear. You were on time to the open home and knew about the house. These seem like small things but they were important to us. We have busy jobs and time is precious. You wasted none of ours.

You were easy to deal with – plain language and clear on process. Sam also was and you worked good as a team. We were never confused about who was doing what and you tag teamed to ensure we got what we needed quickly.

Jason and I wanted to move quick and you and Sam were on to it and had the energy to see this through at pace with us. This has not always been our experience and this time around goodness knows we needed it!

And, superb bottle of wine – thank you.

Congratulations to you too. Top job.

Ellen and Hamiora

“We loved working with Ben when we were looking to buy our home. He is honest, patient, hard working and always follows through. We would have no hesitation to work with Ben again or recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell property. “

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