Most people working in a management or a supervisory role or in human resources will agree that recognising and acknowledging outstanding performance in the workplace is of the utmost importance. Some may say that workers are adequately rewarded on pay day but there is ample evidence to say that top performers will make an even greater contribution to their daily tasks when their extra efforts or top results are recognised in some way. It is an accepted fact that associating with people who have good work habits and ethics is beneficial, making it so important in a team scene to recognise and encourage those that lead from the front.

Recognition at all levels and in all walks of life is important and we salute those who have been recognised in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours list; a list that coincidentally was released at the same time as this article was being prepared. The scope of the Queen’s awards is vast and embraces excellence in many fields of endeavour. The founder of Tommy’s Real Estate Ltd, Tommy Heptinstall, himself an accomplished motivational speaker often expounded a theory that the qualities and skill set required to be a good real estate agent were similar to those of a top sports person or athlete; attention to detail, good communication skills, good people skills and being a team player to name just a few key points.

Continuing in this theme, it was pleasing to see two of our top sports persons from yesteryear receive a Queen’s award. We refer of course to Sir Wayne (Buck) Shelford (Services to Rugby and the Community) and Dame Ruia Morrison for her service to tennis. For a small country, New Zealand continues to produce top sportspeople in a number of fields of sporting endeavour. People who will lead from the front and have already received ‘stand out’ recognition for their achievements. Top of mind in this category are our America’s Cup crew and in particular Peter Burling, and our latest cricket star, Devon Conway. Both leading by example and gaining significant recognition from the public at large.

Closer to home, at Tommy’s we have recently acknowledged the efforts of our top salespersons at our annual awards ceremony. Each Tommy’s office identified their top agents and from this group of high performers the overall or supreme winner was named.

The winners for 2020/2021 were: –
Kapiti Office and winner of the Supreme Award- Jill Lampitt, Wellington Office – Alexia Stoddart, Upper Hutt Office – Steve Slicker, Lower Hutt Office – Sinead Diederich, Mana Office – Angie Prince.

Our congratulations are extended to these top Tommy’s salespeople. Being a top agent doesn’t just happen by chance but is the result of a sustained top-level performance over a period of time. This year’s ‘honours’ list recognises some new awards recipients as well as some familiar names from the past.

Whilst we recognise the leaders in our respective offices, the last financial year has produced some outstanding results across the board; results that can only be achieved by a strong team working together and cooperating for the benefit of our clients. Tommy’s has always placed importance on team participation and listing a house for sale with our company guarantees our entire sales team will work to sell your home. With the heated real estate market of the last year or two, it would be easy to assume that selling was an easy task that required little effort or selling ability. This is not necessarily true however! Whilst our first responsibility is in most instances to the home seller, we also need to protect the interests of potential buyers in terms of disclosures about the property and then to ensure that multiple offers are processed in a fair and equitable manner.

Real estate is as much about people as it is about property. A top agent will display care, consideration and empathy towards the needs of their buying and selling clients. They will communicate regularly with the people they represent and encourage their team members to assist them in securing the best possible result. We rely on our homeowners for entrusting their homes to our care during the sales process and we thank them for giving us this opportunity. Our award-winning sales teams guarantee maximum effort on your behalf.

Tommy’s has performed consistently as a Wellington market leader for more than two decades and we have top people who will maintain this position in the future. Buying or selling, we invite you to call us and put the Tommy’s people and sales systems to the test.

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