Are you looking to freshen up the interior of your home? Perhaps you’ve just settled on a new place, completed a renovation, or you’re revamping as your children have flown the coop. Whatever your reason for decorating, when you’re working through options, keep one outcome front of mind; your home should be YOUR haven. It should light up your face every time you walk in the door. A comfortable, functional and fun place that oozes who YOU are (not someone else).

Your home speaks volumes about your character, so it’s important to ensure decor choices are your own. Only you know what you love, so go on, be bold and make decisions by listening to your heart. Getting started is typically the hardest part. Often all it takes is pinpointing your favourite possession – perhaps it’s a brand new floor lamp, or a coffee table you’ve had for a while, even an heirloom. The origin is irrelevant, what’s important is that you love it! Now, let this adored piece take center stage and you’ll discover that it naturally dictates the evolution of your ultimate space.

When you’re hunting for new possessions, take your time. Find that one perfect piece, rather than throwing together a few that never quite work. Impulse or “it’ll do” purchases frequently end in tears. More often than not, if you buy in haste or by compromising, you end up regretting it later. By taking home the ‘wrong’ thing, you’ll continue to subconsciously shop for the ‘right’ thing, so nominal progress is made. On top of the fact that non-ideal purchases are a waste of time and money, they fill your rooms, and leave a resounding impression of clutter. When it comes to interior spaces, remember, less is better!

Less, is also kinder on our planet. Unfortunately, the manufacturing of all products affects the environment to varying extents. There is no avoiding it. However, by choosing to buy local you will mitigate your impact. Locally designed and made means less carbon footprint, and has the added bonus of a quicker turn-around. Working closely with local designers and manufacturers, YOYO Design by Kiwis pledges yours in 6 weeks, give or take! Purchase in the knowledge that you’re supporting environmental responsibility and encouraging our wealth of talented Kiwi designers.
Kiwis really are a clever bunch. They’re brimming with innovative, yet functional concepts and they don’t stop there. Sourcing optimum materials, typically holding sustainability front-of-mind, Kiwis produce top quality products with the utmost attention to the details. Pieces that you’ll cherish and will stand the test of time – like Grandad’s rocking chair that you inherited from your parents – purchases that will be treasured by generations.

Aside from longevity, throughout the whole decorating process it’s really important to focus on how you feel. Move through your home, and if at anytime you sense discomfort, overcrowding or you’re simply stuck – start again. Let your intuition guide you. At some stage a natural ‘flow’ will take over, and everything will ‘feel’ just right.

Try not to be swayed by what’s trending. An interior trend occurs when there is a prevalent emulation of a certain approach, they’re fickle and are unlikely to reflect your personal style. Ironically, one the top forecasted interior trends for 2019 was “anti-trend”. Encouraging experimentation and energy in which colour plays a big role, the anti-trend trend is about breaking the rules and creating your own.

Trusting your gut is particularly important when purchasing substantial items. Ask yourself, “is this piece going to make me smile every time it catches my eye?” If your answer is yes, then you should take it home.

You won’t always find your ideal piece on a showroom floor. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, ask if it’s possible to have an item specifically tailor-made for you. A number of retailers offer customisation – such is the case at YOYO; tailor a set of drawers to perfectly house your wooly jumper collection, alter the width of a bookcase to fit an otherwise unusable-gap, adjust the firmness of sofa seat cushions to your exact liking, or request a powder-coat tint to match your bench-top. Working with YOYO, you really can take hold of the creative reins.

Some people find it hard to choose pieces for their own space. If you get stuck, pretend you’re decorating someone else’s place. What would you suggest for them? How would you manage their conundrums? Perhaps they’re a fan of red, have always wanted a red sofa but look set on buying a grey, to play it ‘safe’! – what would you say to them?

Your dream home is not necessarily a future entity – your current home should be an environment that makes your heart sing. It should be a space that allows you to indulge in your passions, whilst supporting your current lifestyle, and reflecting your past adventures. What does your home say about you? If it’s not yet a true reflection, don’t fret – like you, your home should continually evolve.

At the end of the day, it’s YOUR home, do what makes you happy, and you really can’t go wrong!

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