We are lucky to have a high quality, uniquely free paramedic service right here in Wellington. That means anyone needing care in an emergency can get the help they need without worrying about the cost.

One of the reasons we have this wonderful service in our region is because of the support of generous businesses like Tommy’s, a local ‘home-grown’ Wellington owner-operated business.

Since 2014, Tommy’s Hutt Valley (both Lower and Upper Hutt offices) has been making a donation which has added up to around $25,000 per year.

Now all Tommy’s offices are on board and it is expected the combined efforts will see annual donations of around $75,000 to Wellington Free Ambulance every year.

Wellington Free’s head of fundraising and communications, Diane Livingston says the support is phenomenal. “We have to raise around $4 million each year to make up the difference between what we get from government funding and what it costs to run our service. “This partnership with Tommy’s is generous, kind-hearted, and speaks volumes about how Tommy’s feel about supporting the community that they are a part of. “Because of their help, we can buy a whole lot of the equipment we need. Literally, they are making a huge difference.

“They are doing a great thing for the community and we are extremely grateful.”

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