“An immaculately presented home with thoughtful touches attention to detail and it’s key selling points highlighted will create a positive first impression, optimise the property’s value and ensure it stands out from others”.

The definition of staging is “to present a performance”. Keeping this in mind while you wander through your home is key. Sometimes you need to put aside your own personal style and taste to present a neutral, stylish, uncluttered yet warm and inviting home that can appeal to a broad range of buyers. Follow these simple tips to help you begin to set the stage;

Plants and Flowers
Currently on trend, but also a fabulous way to add interest and life to any room, house plants can instantly transform a space. Remember that scale and variety are important. Large Peace Lily’s have dark green leaves and are dense and bushy (also cost effective and an air purifier!), so perfect for living rooms. Succulents are low maintenance and often architectural, these provide a good contrast to leafy plants. Dried flowers can provide texture and colour. Purchase them from a quality florist and you’ll be surprised at the variety available. Use a mixture of baskets for large plants on the floor, ceramic vessels for succulents and glass vases for dried flowers. This will give your new additions a stylish edge.

Simplify, De-clutter and Depersonalise
When prospective buyers enter your home it’s important to create an atmosphere where they can imagine themselves living in the house. Store personal items and family photos, take the fridge magnets, shopping lists and kids artwork. Only display items that are going to enhance a feeling of calm and style. Consider your artwork – is it very colourful and strong? If so, replace it with some simple black and white or foliage prints. Ask your friends and family for their opinions, it is good to get different view points. Take away anything extra that doesn’t fit neatly into the wardrobe, dresser or shelves. For kitchens, keep all appliances out of sight and have minimal objects on the countertop to create a sense of space and organisation. Keep your cupboards, drawers and pantry clean and well organised. In bathrooms the same rules apply. No one wants to see a used toothbrush or half a tube of toothpaste!

Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle
As we are living in an era where sustainability has become a necessity, incorporate this into your home make over. You’ll be surprised at what you can do around your home with just a little creativity. Upcycle those jars you normally put in the bin. Take the labels off them and fill them with succulents or greenery to add touches of life in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. How about the vessels that your used scented candles were in? They can make great pen holders! Visit your local charity store if you need a vase, tray or trinkets to add layers and textures. Check out Pinterest for more ideas. These small gestures will not only be good for your bank account, but good for the environment too.

Layers and Textures
To create a relaxed feeling, stylish living, layers and textures are essential. Add a tray to your coffee table, then place a variety of objects on it. Use a square rattan tray, add a stack of round wooden coasters with a glass candle and a small ceramic bowl with match boxes in it. When adding throws and cushions to your sofa, use different shapes, textures and patterns, but keep them all neutral and tonal. Subtlety is key. In the kitchen leave a new, modern cookbook open on the bench with a small pot of fresh herbs and a stack of fresh linen tea towels. For bathrooms, invest in new bath towels, add plants, diffusers and a vintage wooden stool to soften the space.

Clean and Scent
Ensuring your house is spotlessly clean shows pride and care, providing the potential buyer with a sense of security that this has been a well loved home. Fill each room with subtle scents to create a fresh feeling.

Be Inspired
Visit other open homes that have been staged well and take note of the small things that make you feel good about the space. The scent in the room, the plants in the corner, the towels in the bathroom. Use online resources.

We all have different skills and strengths. You may thrive and discover you have a new talent when you are staging your home. If you are struggling with the process and it is causing you too much stress, enlist the services of a professional. There are some fantastic companies in Wellington and most of them have a wide range of services and plans to suit various situations. A perfect place to begin your styling journey is Orient. You’ll find a large variety of scents from decorative candles to beautiful diffusers. Baskets are a passion at Orient, so you’ll find a lovely curated selection. Vases, linen napkins, throws and books are also in store. Interesting and unique vintage objects that help add texture and interest are their specialty.

Always seek the advice of your agent. The team at Tommy’s are experienced, practical and realistic. They can provide advice for all budgets and abilities. Ensure they are your first step to help you set the stage.

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