Making the most of space is key when you live in an apartment. Savvy storage, a considered palette, and pops of nature should be showcased. We chatted to one of our stylists here at Città, Federica Contardi, for her advice on making the most of space in apartment living and small spaces.

Sort your storage
“Being organised is the first rule in a small space,” says Federica. Everything should have a ‘home’ from toys and magazines to books and throws. Federica encourages making the most of unconventional storage nooks—think top of cupboards and windows. She suggests using non-transparent storage solutions to hide clutter such as the Felt Storage Basket. The stackable Oku range can be used within drawers for storing the likes of utensils, make-up or even neatly stacked socks and underwear. She also suggests keeping a basket beside your bed such as the Moroccan High Storage Basket for stowing display cushions and throws while you sleep.

Consider your colour palette
Make your space feel open and airy by opting for a light colour palette starring white, cream, beige and off-white. “Light reflects off white surfaces, making space look bigger,” Federica explains. She says if you’re tempted to do a feature wall, consider colours like yellow or green and stick to one wall only. Opt for furniture made from light wood such as the Radial Round Dining Table, Tilt Shelves and Adept Chest Of Drawers. Natural materials make spaces appear less cluttered and complement coloured décor accessories.

Create the illusion of space
A well-placed mirror can create the illusion of space as well as more light. Federica says to maximise this effect, the bigger the mirror, the better. Full-length wardrobe mirrors are commonly used in bedrooms for this reason. Position free-standing mirrors—as well as lightly coloured furniture—in spots that reflect the light, such as near windows and entranceways. Consider placing an Arc Free Standing Mirror or Oval Full Length Mirror near a window or at the end of a hallway.

Let nature take its course
Apartment living often means limited or no outdoor space. Instead, bring nature inside by injecting pops of greenery. Federica jokingly warns, “the more plants you have, the more you want”. She says hanging baskets are effective for displaying cascading plants. “Normally the ceiling isn’t something we consider when decorating.” She also says gaps above cupboards are often under-utilised and great for indoor vines and climbers. For larger plants, display in a traditional planter or try a basket. Decorate dining and bedside tables with dried flower arrangements. Federica says you can even spray-paint dried grasses to match your desired colour accent.

Have a lightbulb moment
Lighting is also an important consideration for apartment living. It shouldn’t be too harsh to create a calm and relaxing ambiance. Federica explains lighting can be used to create “areas” within a space, such as using a Shift Floor Lamp to light a reading corner or the end of a sofa. Light your bedside or desk with Anglepoise’s iconic balanced-arm lamps. Attention to lighting will help you see your space in a new light!

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