One way of boosting your home’s curb appeal is creating unique, attractive, and inspiring exterior colour schemes. That is why it is important to learn how to pick the right outdoor paint for your home’s style and architecture from the thousands of exterior paint colours and types available.

Just like any other home remodelling project, your exterior painting project needs to be durable, sustainable, skillfully done, and within a reasonable budget. If you are unsure of the right exterior paint colour for your home, this post will walk you through five expert tips for choosing the right paint colour combination for the exterior of your home.

Be guided by your geography 

Whether you are going to choose dull or bright outdoor colours will be determined by the geographical characteristics of your region. In the tropics, for example, exteriors are dominated by bright, playful, and cheery colours. Brown, green, and burgundy, among other nature-inclined colours, are dominant in the rustic mountains. Choose a colour that blends in well with your home’s geographical location because, as much as you’d want it to stand out, being the odd home in your neighbourhood isn’t a good way to stand out.

Consider your roof’s colour

If you have already painted the roof and you do not intend to repaint it soon, you cannot afford to ignore its colour when deciding the right outdoor paint for your home. Roofs painted black or neutral grey will go well with almost any colour scheme out there, so you could be in luck if your roof has either of these two colours. However, if you have any shade of red, brown, green, tan, or blue on your roof, you can be assured that the colours will clash if you aren’t keen enough. Blue-gray is also not as lucky as neutral grey. Here are your options if you fear that your exterior colour palette might clash:

  • If yours is a dark brown roof, it is safe to choose true neutral colours for the rest of the home. Spice things up by painting the shingles with a red undertone.
  • If you choose green or blue-grey for the roof, a colour that’s either neutral or has a slight hint of green or grey in it will blend in well.

Honour History

This has everything to do with the age of your home. If it is old, it is only fair that you choose a historically appropriate colour scheme. You will need to do a little bit of digging into the history of your home’s exterior paints if you are to pull this off. If you can afford to hire a pro to research on and recreate the original paint, the better for you! Your cheaper option would be to find out when the house was built and then refer to a historic colour chart for the most common colour palettes back when the house was built.

Consider your home’s architecture

People paint their home exteriors as a way of hiding architectural flaws. As much as that is acceptable, it is best, as much as possible, to allow your home’s architectural design to dictate how you play around with your exterior paint. If your home has a simple architecture, for example, don’t ruin everything by mixing too many exterior colour patterns. Think of a simple house in rural areas: Just two colours will do. However, if yours is an elaborate Victorian house style, anything less than five colours will seem off-touch. To give your house even a fresher look, set up some nice plants or flowers and put some grow lights over them, so they can grow faster.

Don’t limit your colour choices

Your exterior colour pattern should have a dominant field colour, a trim colour (for the doors, window frames, and other small exterior parts), and an accent colour for that bold, eye-catching feeling. You need to get your combinations right, but that doesn’t mean limiting your exterior paint to three shades only. You can have two field colours blending perfectly with multiple trims or accent colours. The more blended the colours, the more pleasing your home will be.


The exterior of your home is extremely versatile in colour selection. You should use that versatility to your advantage instead of cursing how hard it is to choose the right colour. Just be mindful of your surroundings ­- your roof, your neighbouring homes, your home’s architectural design and geographic location and you will certainly have the beautiful home that your family deserves.

Article contributed by: Lena Linetti


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