For a smaller ensuite attached to a large bedroom, put the bath in the bedroom. On a practical side, it frees up the ensuite and on an aesthetic side – it takes advantage of your fantastic bedroom. It may have a beautiful view, be spectacularly decorated or, it might just be a place to watch TV and interact with your partner before bed.

Wallpaper Bathroom


YES, it can be done and the pattern is the new black. Wallpaper has been used in bathrooms for over a hundred years, and now with the better extraction of moisture, there are far fewer issues. Combining pattern wallpaper with a plain tile will give you the most successful result, and by changing the wallpaper, you can change the entire look for little expense.


This is not a new idea for the bathroom but if you are building or renovating your hot water maker – move it up to a main pressure hot water cylinder. As far as efficient heating goes, heat pump hot water cylinders or solar panels are the way to go. Also in most cases, a gas infinity system is more efficient than a tank as it only heats the water as you use it.

Bathroom - Dark Design


Treat the bathroom as you would any other room of the house. What window treatments do you have? Where and what is the artwork? Do you have a place to sit? A table to put things on? How do you relax when you are not bathing? Is there a place to do your toenails or makeup? Do you have different colour towels for different moods or seasons?


Methven now has a shower system that infuses scent as well as vitamins into the water. Chlorine scrubbers, essential oils and multifunction shower nozzles can turn your bathroom into an actual spa. There is more to the bathing experience than water so consider all your senses.


Photographic images printed directly onto glass can snazz up your room. Think pictures of waterfalls, island sunsets or even an appreciative crowd of onlookers for the voyeur in the family.

Thin slices of granite sheets or 3mm tiles that come in large sheets make your shower a solid grout-less wow statement. Smaller mosaic tiles are also ‘big’ in that these patterned pictures are like adding artwork to your room.

Bathroom - Golden


Gold tapware is back, but nothing like you’ve seen before. Beautiful contemporary lines and shapes work wonderfully with modern bathrooms and can add some real class. Remember to carry the theme through and don’t mix and match with chrome.


Splash out on a decorative feature light and do yourself a favour. Lighting is more than what you use to see the wrinkles with in the morning. Use lights to define and glitz up your bathroom and use different circuits for mood and task lighting, so you can create a different feel depending on if you want just to have a clean or to chill out and relax.

Article in collaboration with Interior Designer,  Debra Delorenzo


Debra DeLorenzo has managed to turn design philosophy into an art form. A specialist interior designer with multiple awards in kitchen and bathroom design, she is passionate about creating fabulous spaces. Whatever your goals or questions, get in touch and Debra will talk you through your options.

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