Fuji Xerox manage and support six printers for Tommy’s Real Estate.  Fuji Xerox takes the lead in sustainability, diverting used printers and toner cartridges from landfills.

At Fuji Xerox, we believe that product stewardship is the first step to a circular economy. Through circular design, we can ensure that the products we provide our customers retain the value of the materials used and continue circulating at the end of their product life cycle.

Since the introduction of theGo Beyond” Toner Recycling programme via Fuji Xerox and Close the Loop in late 2017, the partnership has diverted over 100kg of Tommy’s Real Estate’s waste toner cartridges from landfills! This is a part of the wider Fuji Xerox, Minister for the Environment, Accredited Product Stewardship scheme. The scheme enables us to divert over 700 tonnes of product from landfill annually. We take back all Fuji Xerox printers, parts and print consumables such as toner bottles, cartridges and parts for reuse and recycling.

At the end of a printer’s life, our machine recycling partner Sims Recycling Solutions breaks these down into over 40 different categories of materials such as copper, glass, steel, and plastic. The materials are then sold on to international markets to be used in other products. The waste toner from toner cartridges is extracted, mixed with waste engine oil and other materials. This creates a low-carbon asphalt called TonerPave™. TonerPave™ has been used in the resurfacing of over 1,000kms of roads in Australia, it has achieved a carbon footprint reduction of up to 23% over the lifespan of these roads.

In 2018, we were awarded funding from the Ministry for the Environment Waste Management Fund to carry out a feasibility study regarding the resurfacing of a road in Auckland (Carrington Road) using TonerPave™(in conjunction with our project partners Downer and Close the Loop). Since then, the product has also been used in another collaborative project where Queenstown Airport’s apron was resurfaced.

To date, through our take-back programme, our customers in New Zealand have recycled over 114,000kg of waste toner, this is equivalent to over 10km of roads laid with TonerPave™. We are proud to have partnered with Tommy’s Real Estate, one of the first organisations in New Zealand to adopt this scheme. We look forward to laying many more kilometres of TonerPave™ roads in the future. So, thank you for contributing to this initiative.

  • Participation in the Go Beyond Programme means Tommy’s Real Estate is contributing to a circular economy.
  • So far, we have diverted 104.4 kg of Tommy’s Real Estate’s waste toner cartridges from landfill.
  • Tommy’s Real Estate’s waste toner is used in TonerPave™ a low carbon asphalt developed by our partners Close the Loop with Downer Australia.
  • Collaborating with our recycling partners to achieve a recycling rate of over 99.5% of what we get back and helping Tommy’s Real Estate reach their internal environmental targets.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: www.fujixerox.co.nz/en/Sustainability/MFE-Product-Stewardship-Scheme.

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