The Environment and Us

Here at we use as few resources as we can. Less resources equals less waste. We simply could not afford to offer Tommy’s such low prices if we were wasteful and inefficient. The print industry is one of the few industries to substantially reduce its environmental impact since the establishment of Kyoto Baseline measurements in 1990. We were an early adopter of computer-to-plate technology in New Zealand, and were the first in Wellington. We are proud of our position as a leader in sustainability for print in New Zealand.

At we actively pursue a policy of alleviating environmental impacts by adopting green technologies, new eco-friendly products and devising new methods and processes.

As a major consumable in the print supply chain, paper is a prime focus of our environmental policy.’s recommended paper stocks are sourced from ISO 14001 certified mills. This is the international standard that defines requirements for an effective environmental management system. Additionally, all of our paper comes from sustainable forests.

Waste Management:

Wherever possible, we separate our waste from recycling. Active recycling occurs for aluminium printing plates, packaging, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, office waste and digital print waste products.

Going Veggie:

Our inks are vegetable oil based, contain less that 1% mineral oils and are made from renewable sources (traditional printing inks are mineral solvent based).

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