Sophie Denman runs a 24/7 taxi service called Sophie’s Angels. The idea is that it is a taxi service that is a safe and dependable for clients who would otherwise feel vulnerable or unsafe catching regular services, or find themselves in an emergency. Sophie is the only driver and she goes above and beyond, truely embodying the company’s slogan, ‘the taxi service that cares. She has purchased groceries for her passengers when they are unwell, answered calls for rides at all hours at night for female passengers so they can have a safe and comfortable ride home, picked up school girls from after school activities, she takes people to hospital and even picks up their medication. Sophie has even implemented a system among Wellington bars to give free rides to help young girls get home and have a place to stay. Sophie truly deserves recognition for all the amazing work she does and the people she has helped. Sophie wants to fully fund her Angel Rides; a service for any at risk member of public, for getting them home safely in emergencies. Sophie wants to help, and she needs your help to do it. Visit Sophie’s Angel to learn more about her cause.

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