Chad O’Hara is a volunteer for 2 very important organizations within the Wellington region. He devotes hundreds of hours to them a year. Chad is also a volunteer Station Officer for the Newlands Volunteer Fire Brigade, he spends hours training, doing community fire safety, and attending emergency calls each week. He has volunteered for just under 14, years starting when he was only 16 years old. Chad is a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician with Wellington Free Ambulance. This sees him completing 12 – 13 hour shifts a week, plus when they get busy he drops everything to go and help out. He has volunteered for the Wellington Free Ambulance for 5 years, with an average of 20 hours contributed per week. He does all the above while working full time without any real recognition. He never complains and always puts the community first above his own needs. Dedicating hundreds of hours to our community whilst working a full time job is no small contribution. It’s people like Chad who keep the emergency services we all rely on, free and running. To support Wellington Free Ambulance:

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