Bryce Keith is an all round great guy and does so much for the local community. Bryce is the Community Support Liaison for Kapura Group in Wellington. Bryce had worked in this group for many years. They created this role for him as he is inspirational, he loves to give back and help any and all charities in need.

He gives up and spends his weekends volunteering at events, cooking BBQ’s, and giving his hospitality to help raise money for any Wellington charity he can find. Not only does he dedicate his free time to charity events, but during his work time he strives to create safe spaces where people of our community can catch up, have some food, drink, and support each other. Bryce believes that as a community, we become stronger together. In true local hero style – Bryce was awarded the $2,000 and immediately asked if he could give it away to St Vincent de Paul, a Wellington charity who work in a caring and practical manner to promote justice through personal contact with those in need. Bryce said they would need it over Christmas.

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