Bex and Anthony had been on the hunt for their first home for over a year. The process was quickly losing its appeal; the endless weekend open home circuit and the stress of due diligence only to have their offer declined was making them lose hope.

“I’d thought I’d be like 70 before I could buy a house”.

With no one in Anthony’s family having ever owned a home before, the task felt daunting and was beginning to feel impossible. Coming from a small town in Niue, a home to call his own was a distant dream for Anthony. This coupled with their lack of experience was setting them at a disadvantage. They were finding themselves constantly on the back foot, feeling that others seemed to move quicker, have more answers and were generally more prepared for the sale.

They came across Tommy’s Real Estate Agent Liz Potter at a private viewing for a property they were interested in. The viewing went as well and when Bex and Anthony saw the house had sold they assumed they were back out on the hunt alone.

“We were surprised and actually really happy when she reached out to Anthony a few weeks later and started us on a journey of actually working really closely with her”.

Liz helped Anthony and Bex navigate the real estate market, ultimately helping them into their first home. Liz was particularly motivated to help Bex and Anthony as she had children of her own that were struggling with the current housing market. She began by showing Bex and Anthony more properties in a week than they had seen in months, providing them with all the information they need to feel comfortable making offers. Eventually, the hard work paid off. Their offer was accepted, and they were proud owners of a Wellington home!

“When Liz called us saying that we got the house, I genuinely thought she was joking! I was over the moon, stoked!”

She was almost as stoked as we were.” Liz knew Anthony’s experience as a designer meant that he was on the hunt for a challenging renovation. The house they purchased fit the bill perfectly with lots of space to make additions and changes. “When we bought this house, I already made plans, I drew up sketches, I made a plan for our future.” The first night they spent in the house felt unreal, with the couple having to pinch each other as they sat by the fire. “This is it. This is OUR house.”

At Tommy’s, we believe in the philosophy that you can’t sell what you haven’t seen – our team of 42 salespeople are all required to attend a viewing of your property, this ensures that they are equipped with a sound understanding of your home. Every salesperson in the team is also encouraged to collaborate, share information and work with their potential buyers to get your property sold and get the best price possible – every time.  

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