“Having fallen in love with an apartment on Oriental Bay, Verna Smith looked at her options and came to the conclusion that she needed to sell her property in Island Bay to achieve her new real estate dream. Verna had been through the selling process before and knew it could be a long road and this time was no exception as she was about to experience 3 months filled with ups and downs. ”

Looking for an agent, Tommy’s was quickly recommended to her, more specifically Sam Newble. With other agents putting their hand up, Verna knew she was spoilt for choice. Sam turned up within 24 hours and after seeing what he could present to her and talking to him, she knew he was the right guy for the job. 

With her home now on the market it was a crucial time for Wellington to see what Verna’s lovely Island Bay home had to offer.

Sam Newble was around with a proposal in about a day, from where he was actively working with other colleagues who were either showing people the house or working with people to put offers in. There were dozens and dozens of Tommy’s agents. They all came through the house so every one of them knew what was there, instead of just having one person you know, I had 40 or 50 people working for me”

As she moved deeper into the sale Verna remembered how overwhelming the process of selling your home can be.

“Sam stayed really calm through everything he was willing to really ride out these ups and downs”

Verna had an ideal goal in mind for the price she wanted for her home and was keen to take advantage of all the new marketing options out there to help her achieve this.

“In just a day or so Sam and his colleague made this absolutely entrancing video. It captured everything about the cottage that I really loved. For ages, I would just go to the website and watch the video and think oh gosh, why am I selling this beautiful house”

People did create problems along the way, but Verna felt supported throughout as Sam stayed calm and confident. She was absolutely thrilled when one of the offers Sam achieved was the offer she truly desired.

“I now know what it takes to market a property to the widest possible group of people and to get the best possible price so I would never try to do that now, I’d just go to the best company in town which I have learnt from my own experience has been Tommy’s”

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