Tony Mckendry entered the market wanting to sell his home with the goal to finance a new build. Having met Leigh Adgo at an open home two years prior she made a lasting impression as he thought to himself “That’s the sort of person I’d like to sell our property if we did have one to sell in the future,” said Tony. Listing his property through Leigh, he was instantly impressed with the database network that Tommy’s had access to. Tony knew this was the key to exposing his property to a large audience in order to find the perfect buyer for his home. Not only this but the proposed marketing campaign and the suite of interactive digital tools left him feeling confident that buyers would fall in love just as he did years ago.
“The marketing campaign was very impressive, particularly the digital aspect and the professional way that the agent went about managing the people that were interested in the property”

Having a pre-conceived idea of what it takes to sell a property, Tony was surprised by the techniques used that he was previously unaware of. Giving buyers the ability to not only digitally walk through his property but also give them the ability to digitally furnish and style the room.
“My perception has changed on how to sell a property professionally, a lot of that is due to the digital tools that Tommy’s have incorporated into their sales platform.”
Tony explained that from here onwards he couldn’t imagine selling a property in the future without these tools. “The marketing is top shelf, it works and it makes the property so much more saleable and I believe it probably gets you a few more dollars in the bank as a result” explained Tony. Tony had faith in Tommy’s knowing that they are an established practice, having been around for such a long time with such a good reputation not only in terms of real estate but within our community. “You do hear people saying, golly I got a good price through Tommy’s or I’ve heard people say, gee I got the home I wanted and I bought it through Tommy’s and it was an easy process,” said Tony. Tony sold his property in a short space of time for a price he was proud of, allowing him to achieve his dream of moving on to a new build. If you are waiting to take the next step to achieve your property dreams but aren’t sure where to start, Tommy’s have the right tools to market everything you love about your home to a wide range of buyers thanks to our digital partner Diakrit. Having also recently been selected to join the leading real estate companies of the world we can expose your property to the widest number of qualified buyers through the best local and international partner network. If you want to know or just want to explore your options then head to for your obligation free appraisal.

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