Anna Tingey was actively searching for the right agency to represent her family home and bring it to the market. She diligently did her researched to find an agency that had the most sales and the greatest results in her area. Being a Wellington local for over 30 years, Anna was well aware of the Tommy’s iconic green branding and had heard a lot about the success Tommy’s has had over the years. The decision to work with Tommy’s is simple, made easier by the suite of technology that impressed Anna and her family.


“We were looking to sell our home in Wellington and we had a look at and had a look at statistics, Tommy’s Real Estate came up as Wellington’s top selling agency. So, for us, that was a no brainer!”

The virtual tour stood out to Anna, especially in the current climate with Covid 19 restricting travel around New Zealand and the world. It enables prospective buyers to step inside the home, viewing every detail and allows them to make decisions from afar.

“They’ve got a great toolkit attached to their website, one of those things that really appealed to us was their virtual tour and the fact that they have a really good floorplan. The virtual tour is phenomenal – the quality of the photographs are outstanding, I was completely immersed in my own home. I sent the link for the virtual tour to my son in Berlin, he put his headset on and he text me afterwards and said it was one of the most crazy experiences. He felt like he was back home in Wellington, New Zealand.”

The digital campaign that was used to market Anna’s property was an important factor. ‘Digital is where marketing is going and that is where we are going to capture people perhaps who were from outside our region’. The digital campaign utilised by the agent meant the property was advertised to prospective buyers in both the Wellington region and others that had specific interest in purchasing architecturally significant property.

“So many people were coming up to me at work, saying they had seen our property pop up on their facebook feed, or when they were going through We felt like we got an amazing reach through that digital media”

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