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Surrounded by bush-clad hills, regional parks, and a picturesque coastline, Hutt Valley is an ideal suburb for people looking for an active and adventurous lifestyle. Home to over 104,000 residents, Hutt Valley boasts a strong community atmosphere, family-friendly amenities, and vibrant arts and culture.

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Native Bush-Clad Hills

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Mighty Hutt River

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First Impressions

Named ‘the Hutt’ by locals, Lower Hutt is situated in the lower valley of the Hutt River, northeast of Wellington City. The region comprises a cluster of small settlements, including Petone, Wainuiomata, and Eastbourne, as well as a large area of native bush extending into the Rimutaka Ranges.

Lower Hutt was the site of New Zealand’s first organised European settlement, and is now known for its stunning environment, affordable housing, and family-friendly amenities.

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Lower Hutt is the go-to suburb for affordable, abundant housing; take your pick of cosy hillside homes, coastal abodes with remarkable views, or no fuss inner city apartments. Just minutes away from both bush clad hills and vibrant suburban centres, Lower Hutt is the ultimate spot for people with adventurous, active, and outdoorsy lifestyles.

Located just 15 minutes away from downtown Wellington, Lower Hutt is easily accessible by car, bus, and train. Lower Hutt is a suburb surrounded by nature, with expansive coastal views and hills lining both sides of the valley. The area is home to five regional parks, dozens of tracks and trails, and the mighty Hutt River, making it a perfect destination for fishing, tramping, and mountain biking. Lower Hutt is a bustling hub of its own, home to more than 50 playgrounds, 25 parks, and 6 swimming pools. The suburb is especially suitable for families, with 8 libraries, over 100 schools, and an abundance of popular eateries to choose from. Whether it’s shopping at Queensgate Shopping Centre, perusing the Dowse Art Museum, or buying fresh produce at the Riverbank Market, Lower Hutt has something for everyone.

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