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Surrounded by bush-clad hills, regional parks, and a picturesque coastline, Hutt Valley is an ideal suburb for people looking for an active and adventurous lifestyle. Home to over 104,000 residents, Hutt Valley boasts a strong community atmosphere, family-friendly amenities, and vibrant arts and culture.

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Mighty Hutt River

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Eastbourne is a seaside suburb on the eastern shore of the Wellington Harbour. Located 5 km south of Lower Hutt, the suburb is easily accessible by car, public transport, and ferry. Eastbourne is known for its bush-clad hills, relaxed village atmosphere, and breathtaking views of the Wellington Harbour.

Perfectly situated to catch the afternoon sun, Eastbourne is home to some of Wellington’s best beaches and wharfs, including Days Bay – a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Whether it’s renting a kayak from the boatshed, diving off of the pier, or having a picnic in nearby Williams Park, Days Bay is a local hotspot that has something for everyone. Eastbourne is also home to East Harbour Regional Park; its walking trails start from the bays and head into the native bush and hills.

Eastbourne’s main hub is located around Rimu Street and Muritai Road. The family-friendly suburb has three local schools (incl. Wellesley College), Eastbourne Library, Eastbourne Summer Pool, and a number of playgrounds and sports clubs. On cold and wet days, Eastbourne residents peruse boutique art galleries, antique shops, and bookstores – before stopping at one of the suburb’s many charming, al fresco eateries.

Eastbourne comprises 2000 residential homes across 7 small bays. With a population of 4,665, the suburb balances a bustling, small town spirit with the tranquil elegance of a seaside retreat. Eastbourne is a must-see area for those wanting suburban living, spectacular scenery, and spacious homes.

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The map of Eastbourne, Wellington 5013

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