Wellington’s largest real estate agency, Tommy’s Real Estate, in partnership with global digital property marketing specialists DIAKRIT, has launched a series of interactive property marketing tools to show off properties for sale like never before.

In addition to magazine quality photography and 2D and 3D Floorplans, the engaging tools allow buyers to walkthrough listings with a 360-degree view from their mobile, iPad or desktop. Buyer’s imagination are inspired with tools to remodel/recolour the kitchen or building façade and even design the layout of their furniture within the property online.

This new level of buyer engagement brings huge benefit to sellers and buyers alike, with listings bought to life by:

  • Magazine quality photography: Interior design inspired photograph of sellers’ homes including a beautiful dusk shot.
  • 2D and 3D Floor plan: A clear and easy to read 2D floor plan as well as a fully furnished 3D birds eye rendering, which paints a better visual of the property layout for buyers.
  • Photo Styling™: A virtual makeover tool to change the different wall colour schemes, countertops, flooring, and splashback designs for kitchens, facades, bathrooms and the lounge area.
  • Furnish™: Lets buyers add and remove walls, as well as drag, drop and resize furniture in the 2D Floor plan to design how they would live in the house.
  • Photo Panorama™ VR: Enable buyers to walk through a highly interactive virtual tour 24/7, with each room presented in a unique 360-degree environment (which can be viewed with or without VR goggles).

“We are really excited about partnering with DIAKRIT and bringing this technology to the Wellington property market,” said Henry Bong, Marketing Manager at Tommy’s Real Estate. “These tools will give buyers more information than ever before, the opportunity to better understand properties they are interested in buying and actively interact and engage with sellers’ homes – a revolutionary technology Tommy’s is proud to introduce to the Wellington market’.

Doubling the number of interested buyers
Vendors are already seeing the benefits, with New Zealand home buyers spending two-and-a-half times longer on listings with the interactive and engaging tools. This has also resulted in listings attracting three times more website traffic and generating double the amount of buyer enquiries than those listings without.

 “For people selling their homes in Wellington, this technology will mean presenting their homes in the best possible light to capture buyers’ attention better than ever before – a win win for all”, said Mark Hamilton, General Manager of Tommy’s Real Estate.

DIAKRIT Executive Director and Co-founder Dick Karlsson says the company is delighted to be partnering with Tommy’s to bring a new level of buying and selling to the Wellington property market. “Together we are setting a new benchmark for how homes are marketed, offering a greater buying and selling experience for all involved. We understand that buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, and with these tools, buyers will become more informed and more qualified, and in turn help connect the right buyers and sellers together sooner.”

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