Real Estate is an industry like no other! It is an industry that receives more than its share of public scrutiny, it features regularly all forms of the news media and is ‘top of mind’ with the general public. First home buyers plot and plan as to how they can take their first step onto the property ownership ladder while existing property owners follow the market closely to assess the value of their asset and to track market trends. Through the eyes of a real estate agent though, our industry is not only about property but is also about people. Offering our clients customer support and satisfaction is of paramount importance to reputable agents.

Tommy’s has always had a philosophy or belief that if you look after the interests of the people you deal with, there is a fair chance that they will become repeat customers at a later time or as we say, ‘clients for life’. With over 20 years of service to the residents of Wellington, our business successes tell us that we must be doing something right and it is our intention to maintain this momentum and to improve our standing in the community over the next decade.

As we stated above, real estate is like no other industry. Although we are in the sales arena, unlike a retailer or a car dealer, we do not provide our own stock but we are dependent upon the trust and generosity of the general public to provide us with the homes that we offer for sale. Tommy’s don’t underestimate the level of trust that homeowners put in our hands and we take seriously the responsibility we have to look after the security of our clients’ homes. We also have an obligation to achieve the best possible outcome from each and every sale we transact.

During the past year, Tommy’s has shown its appreciation of the public support we have received by participating in various charitable events, offering donations, and generally supporting a vast number of community activities. As we prepare this article for the Tommy’s magazine we are involved in a project that will honour and reward five people who have made a significant contribution to a local sporting, cultural or community activity in Wellington. Tommy’s recognises the importance and the value of work done by many members of our community as volunteers in a multitude of different activities. We see our offer of $2,000 each ($10,000 in total), to five of these people as a great way to say thank you and to reward them with an early Christmas present.

During 2019, Tommy’s also made a significant contribution to our major beneficiary, the Wellington Free Ambulance. No one can deny the great work these people do in the community and by helping them meet their financial targets, Tommy’s is indirectly making a contribution to the citizens of Wellington generally. “Wellington Free Ambulance is the only free emergency paramedic service in New Zealand and we believe that in the case of an emergency, first response care should be available to everyone. No one should be excluded because of cost”, says Tommy’s Managing Director Mark Hamilton.

Tommy’s recently organised a charity golf day at the Miramar golf course which raised in excess of $30,000 which will predominantly be used to provide swimming lessons, togs, towels and goggles for underprivileged and less fortunate school children. There are numerous other organisations that benefit from Tommy’s support; both from the company and from individual sales people. As Mark Hamilton states, “We may be a successful real estate company but we wear our hearts on our sleeves and acknowledge that we wouldn’t be here without a supportive community behind us.” Christmas is a time for giving and Tommy’s are pleased they have been able to support a number of different organisations during the year.

As this issue of Tommy’s Lifestyle Magazine is published, there remains only two weeks of real estate activity prior to the Christmas break – but this still leaves time for more house sales to be transacted. Tommy’s will have a full complement of salespeople available up until close of business on 24th December and will have members of the sales team on call over the holiday period.
For those contemplating a sale in the early new year we urge you to speak to Tommy’s prior to Christmas so that a marketing plan can be prepared and activated at a time that suits you in the new year. This time of the year often brings visitors to the capital from throughout New Zealand and from overseas; it is also a time when busy people have time available to concentrate on important personal matters which may include relocating within the city.

As this is the final issue of Tommy’s Lifestyle magazine for 2019, the management, sales people and administrative staff at every Tommy’s Office extend to our valued clients the best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Christmas. Enjoy time with family and friends, relax and reinvigorate yourself for the year 2020. Remember, Tommy’s is only a phone call away and we look forward to guiding you through the process of home buying or selling now or in the new year. We will appreciate your call and will be pleased to offer confidential advice at any time.

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