Why Choose Tommy's? 

For most people their home is one of their largest assets and as a consequence the whole process of selling can be stressful. It makes sense to minimise this stress - by choosing the right real estate agent. There are plenty of local property 'experts', so you want one who will give you the best opportunity to sell your property quickly, at the best price. 

Eleven very good reasons why you should trust Tommy's with the sale of your home:

  1.   We never forget who pays our fees - we work in your best interests, all the time.
  2.   We treat you as we would like to be treated.
  3.   We earn trust and inspire confidence. We don't just expect it.
  4.   Your home has high visibility within our office.
  5.   Attention to details, dependable, you get regular feedback.
  6.   We're set up to handle all enquiries professionally.
  7.   We do follow up - it's the Tommy's way.
  8.   We pre-qualify everyone before we let them into your home.
  9.   Available - all day, 7 days.
  10.   Confidential - your business remains your own.
  11.   You have the right to terminate your agency agreement with us at any time, where we fall short in the delivery of our promises or the service we offer.

At Tommy's, we understand what's important to you as a seller.

      • Trust and honesty - Number 1

      • No stress

      • Realistic market pricing

      • Price guide

      • Effective websites

      • Creative advertising

      • Strong negotiation skills

      • Confidentiality

      • A fair agency agreement

      • No broken promises

      • Highest price - that's our goal, we are working for you.


Who Should I Trust?

When you chose a Real Estate agent, they will be responsible for looking after your possessions, representing you in negotiations and working closely with your family.

Make sure your comfortable with your agent before you entrust them to market your property.

    • Most sellers don't get to know their agent well until the marketing programme begins.
      Given this, has your agent given you an agency cancellation option should the relationship not work out?
    • Choose an agent with good references and a strong track record. 
      Or at least one who comes from a reputable company with strong management.
    • Can your agent offer a range of selling options? e.g Auction, Tender, Fixed Price? 
      Do they have expertise in all of these options?
    • If Open Homes are all they can offer, then you may as well sell your home yourself.
    • The key to achieving your top price is the ability of your agent to negotiate effectively on your behalf. 
      What experience do they have and what do they know about the principles of negotiation?
    • Be wary of agents who quote a high price expectation for your home. 
      Being ambitious is fine but buyers usually have a realistic value in their minds. Over pricing comes from lack of professionalism, experience or deception to win the listing.
    • Don't choose an agent just on their commission rate. 
      Tommy's won't be the cheapest and we won't be the most expensive.
    • Your reason for selling is your business and should be kept confidential. 
      Be wary of an agent who plays on your need to sell. It could cost you money in the negotiation process.


Looking at Selling?

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