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Richard Ralston

Sales Consultant

Richard Ralston


Richard’s entire career has been motivated by helping people move towards their goals and dreams.

Over the years hes worked in roles as diverse as corporate training, youth development, one-to-one mentoring, guitar teaching, building teams within the voluntary sector, managing education establishments, and developing business marketing strategies. Yet in every role the things that have inspired Richard the most are the opportunities he sees to move things forward.

Richard truly believes that people are so much more capable of achieving the things they dream of than they think they are and he gets a real buzz from helping them realise that.

He is married with four adult children, and has lived and worked in Upper Hutt for almost his entire life.

When hes not working youll find him riding the local mountain bike trails, playing jazz guitar at a local cafe, or eating delicious food with his family and friends.

If you are considering a move or are just thinking about possible options for the future, call Richard. Hed love to help you take your next step forward.